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National Archives Centre "Memories of Survival"

Part 2 Project 2022
Ahmad Nazih El-Assaad
Beirut Arab University - Tripoli campus | Lebanon
Memories is the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms. The Dome City Centre or “The Egg” – as Lebanese people called- is considered as an artefact that reflect set of memories for the Lebanese people, representing the past especially the war and the unforgivable sequence of events. The egg symbolizes the power of the Lebanese people sustaining the war and surviving through the pain and recollection of such crimes and destruction, located in a very important critical area in Beirut Central District. surrounded by important landmarks and high-density streets that occupy the luxurious Beirut part.

The National Archives Centre is the Record of the Lebanese surviving suffering through adaptive reuse of abandon heritage building "The Egg" sustained certain elements as changes went through on it. These changes lead the egg into its stable state. The concept flourished out by finding the appropriate situation for the egg to be in through its surrounding context. Being a National Archives lead to consider framing the egg and consider it as an Artifact itself thus creating an environment that it needs to develop the archives center into its story.

Ahmad Nazih El-Assaad


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