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Sound-Full : Village for Musicians

Part 1 Project 2022
Eun-woo Hyeon
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
The block between Nakwon instrument store and Ikseon Hanok St, where the past and the present are mixed, was losing its unique musical context.

I propose a small music village that will create a link between those who occupy space and those who visit.

The space that looks like an extension of each other unravels the synergy of each program in the yard they create. The young people who visited Ikseon Hanok St become audiences and students, and the elders of various musical instrument stores who were protecting Nakwon-dong become performers and teachers to communicate and create a beautiful harmony.

If you stop for a while with cold coffee, you could enjoy a wonderful guitar performance, and when you follow the exciting music, there will be people dancing.
At the end of that, those who enter and exit the Hanok and Nakwon store will remember the sounds of the spaces they stayed in or passed by.

Eun-woo Hyeon


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