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St. Peter’s Centre for Environmental Justice

Part 2 Project 2022
Nicholas Lytwynchuk
University of the West of England | UK
St Peter’s Centre for Environmental Justice is a new facility which offers the opportunity for the environment to gain a legal and educational knowledge base within the local and international community. In the context of the climate crisis present today new manners of considering the ways in which the environment is protected against mankind are required to try and reverse the ever- worsening condition.

This centre recognises both justice and education as methodologies for delivering this required change, containing an Environmental Court and Tribunal, a probation centre for those convicted of climate crimes, a public environmental learning centre as well as new ecological housing.

The adaptive reuse scheme of St. Peter’s Seminary, in Glasgow, aims to reignite the ruin, which has been in a derelict state since 1980. By wrapping the structure in a new environmentally responsive skin a revised state of occupancy and re-use of the existing brutalist super structure is enabled.

Nicholas Lytwynchuk


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