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Melodies of Green: Urban Tapestry 1

Part 1 Project 2023
Aaron Chow Sung Yan
HKU SPACE Community College Hong Kong | China
High-density urban communities are perpetually confronted with the issue of dearth of space. Consequently, public spaces extend our living circle beyond private spaces, which is particularly significant in dense Hong Kong. These types of public spaces, such as parks, waterfront promenades, and playgrounds, provide people with a wonderful location to enjoy lunch and take a break from the dullness of the office. Instead of a broader road for cars, these public spaces envisioned cities constructed with wide boulevards that allowed a large number of bicycles to travel around the city, such as Central Park in New York. It also reflects interiorization in that public spaces are no longer separated from one another, but are connected by the social relationships of the inhabitants. Today, we investigate more actively new ways to reconcile and integrate the concepts of nature and city into a harmonious coexistence.

The essence of this project is the collection, storage, and use of rainwater in conjunction with an aquaponics system that supplies the local market, thereby achieving a small degree of self-sufficiency and demonstrating how architecture functions not only as a public condenser but also as a linkage to create resilient coexistence of city infrastructure.

Aaron Chow Sung Yan


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