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Rain Festival

Part 2 Project 2023
Seojin Kim
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
It is a world where inequality is visible and discrimination is overflowing. Constantly draw lines and rank each other. At a time when imbalances are accelerating due to the climate crisis, I look forward to the recovery of individual life happiness and community through changes in the relationship between rain and architecture. Rainy days are not a disaster, but a festival that brings us together.

We examine the impact of changes in architecture to grow plants on our lives.
Architectural elements are transformed to cope with rainwater and fill the gap between each other with plants and water. In a plant-generated cycle, our senses rise again, and we can become one like a cluster of plants. Like a forest.

Connected by water and plants, they will become a new community that takes care of each other. Vulnerability and insignificance as individuals exert power when connected.
Now architecture has a solidarity, not a single one, and it becomes a system that connects cities. The power is powerful. A plant community born of equal rainwater recovery is sensuous and alive.

The festival has already begun. Now let's wait for the rain!

Seojin Kim


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