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Movement and Field of View: Intersection Point and Densifying St Albans

Part 1 Project 2023
Henrique Lemos
University of Hertfordshire | UK
Through the development and research into how individuals perceive space upon entry, numerous desire lines and fragmentations have been identified. These findings contribute to the formation of the main body of the building, which accommodates the apartments. Furthermore, the ground floor exemplifies the concept by being manipulated and adapted in accordance with the approach. The objective is to create a spatial experience that is influenced by one's perception and movement.

The approach for St Albans is characterized by a point of intersection that deviates from conventional urban development, thus regenerating a significant urban fabric that once "towered over St Albans". This intersection point is created by breaking through the old facade and enhancing a pathway that connects the city centre to the train station. The programmatic design follows the needs of both commuters and residents, while also providing a new monument within a previously underdeveloped context.

Considering that the proposed project carries the responsibility of improving access, a market space is established to encourage fluid movement, creating a natural and framed flow. The proposal consists of two towers that house apartments designed to evoke a sense of home. These towers utilize offsite manufacturing techniques, aiming to densify the city in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Henrique Lemos


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