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What Shall We Give Back in Return for So Much?

Part 2 Project 2023
Pádraic Woods
Ulster University | UK
North Street, one of Belfast's City Centre’s last remaining fragments of historic urban fabric lies in ruin. Over the last three decades, from land banking to arson attacks, this place has become a dereliction zone for pigeons to nest in. This has been a topical discussion within the city for how it should be regenerated, as it is close to the heart of the people.

Corporate giants, Castlebrooke Investments Ltd have made many proposals for the redevelopment of the area under the name of ‘Tribeca Belfast’ , a neo-libertarian approach that seeks to demolish much of urban landscape, making way for a architecture of speculation and profit making, one that been poorly received by the people of Belfast. There are many ambiguities regarding Tribeca’s place in the city, causing uncertainties to the area’s future.

This projects questions what Belfast urbanism would become if it was practiced in a modest spirit with its citizens at heart? The project highlights a cohesive strategy for the urban renewal of North Street, one that prioritizes the social aspects of architecture, adopting a more sensitive value system.

This open-ended approach seeks to connect city and place, establishing a new route though the city centre, phased as an organic, slow burner tactic that introduces urban design strategies, pedestrianization, pocket parks, and adaptive reuse of derelict heritage spaces.

Pádraic Woods


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