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Redefining an Amusement Park

Part 2 Project 2023
Arwa Ali Almansoori
Kuwait University | Kuwait
Introducing a new architectural prototype, by redefining an amusement park as a vertical urban cluster within the heart of Kuwait City, easily accessible through public transit, embraced by the roaming crowd of the civilians. An upright amusement park designed to break the apathetic environment of Kuwait City’s repetitive monotonous office skyscrapers, integrating joy and excitement through a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces erecting from the second basement up to the 13th floor. Allowing three game rides to prominently influence the building’s design. The Ferris wheel functions as a sightseeing ride and a circulation element taking the passenger from one floor to another, the roller coaster ascends from the ground floor traveling towards the top and circulates its way back to the ground, and the drop tower creates a centralized void within the tower positioning the programs around an atrium of approximately 20 meters wide, granting visual connectivity throughout the floors. Lastly, welcoming the public on the ground and first floor with a shopping mall consisting of numerous stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Arwa Ali Almansoori


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