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Lifestyle Center: Pause of the Street within the Street

Part 1 Project 2023
Mawathage Anjalee Gayashi Medonza
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) | Sri Lanka
A lifestyle center in an urban context significantly enhances residents' quality of life by providing convenient amenities and promoting social interactions through retail, entertainment, and dining options.

The following Lifestyle Center is located in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka, serving as a Transportation Hub, Educational Hub, Commercial Hub, and Residential Hub. This allows four types of users to partake in the town area, each with distinctly different needs: commuters seeking efficiency, students seeking knowledge, shoppers seeking consumer experiences, and residents seeking wellbeing.

The design originated by considering the users' perspectives, addressing the identified issue of a lack of a strong sense of community among its inhabitants, due to the transient nature of the town and the built environment itself. This highlighted the importance of providing a pause for individual user groups and responding to their specific needs by creating separate zones fostering a sense of community within the lifestyle center. The design was developed by analyzing the behavioral patterns of individual user groups with the idea of providing a smooth transition to their respective zones.

In this manner, the design was developed under the concept of 'Pause, Unify, and Unite,' which was followed by the idea of 'building with the street.'

Mawathage Anjalee Gayashi Medonza


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