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S-CAM Station: Captured and Consumed

Part 2 Project 2023
Eloise Collier
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
A greenwashed project that explores over-consumption, social media, and extreme commercialisation.

Today’s generation are the most climate conscious yet, but we want bigger, better, now. This dichotomy, along with the rising cost of living, has resulted in every moment being captured and commercialised. Since the world was reopened, train stations have become the new shopping mecca - a captured audience with a short attention span and an appetite for convenience. The abandoned York Road tube station is redeveloped into a high-rise to maximise profit.

The increasingly expensive city transforms essential services into commodities; not least, constructing decent housing. Shopping, living, and commuting are often combined to raise price tags. While residential developments must also provide “affordable” housing, Poor Doors segregate wealth in any high-rises that could not skirt regulations.

S-CAM Station alludes to a romanticised past, offering notions of durability, solidity and timelessness in a time where planned obsolescence prevails. As we chase popularity through trend cycles, humans produce themselves into waste products. The backdrops of the ultra-rich are democratised, but pixelated separation online obscures the lack of craftsmanship. The tower is a perfect stage set - when the angle is right.

What is considered frivolous must be taken seriously.

Eloise Collier


Mr Toby Shew
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