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Theatre of Serenity: A Journey Through Birnbeck's Healing

Part 1 Project 2023
Rebeka Sara Schreiter
Cardiff University | UK
“All the world’s a stage…”
and all the humanity should fight for permanence to play on its land.

The modern interpretation of happiness and entertainment has been developing grotesquely. Living in a late-capitalist society creates the disadvantage of seeking a perfectly idealised, better, happier life. Additionally, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues are soaring, and being told these things can ensure achieving our goals. The Theatre of Serenity questions whether we should consider alternative routes for mental health institutions and rehabilitation.

The project focuses on taking the visitors away from their everyday lives into a place focusing on play and healing, where the shore of town merges with the sea. It ‘breaks the fourth wall’ by rehabilitating a place where the natural elements fully immerse with cultural heritage. The story begins on the island of Birnbeck Pier, which had been forgotten since its final closure in 1994. The creative reuse of the existing structures accommodates alternative ways of active and passive healing supported by nature. It indicates creating a welcoming and safe place by bringing life to a deprived island who is afraid of the same thing as us all: being forgotten.

Rebeka Sara Schreiter


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