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Perama Homecoming: A New Neighbourhood between the Shipyard and the Throne of Xerxes

Part 2 Project 2023
Dimitris Zikos
Metropolitan College | Greece
The Pera(S)ma (i.e passage) from a dystopian reality to a place where architecture takes on a more holistic approach and brings balance is an objective of great responsibility. Perama is an area deeply wounded by industrial pollution, social challenges and overall isolation. The project focuses on the residential section, where vulnerable social groups will be accommodated. The primary tools are the residences, strategically placed to encourage the creation of spaces, vessels for social interaction and chance encounters. The intension is to use architecture as a tool to remediate the social and environmental issues at the heart of the regeneration process. The proposed architectural intervention aims towards a complete transformation of the area, integrating low environmental impact buildings within a challenging context. This is achieved with a series of housing typologies having a minimum contact with the ground, allowing the soil to replenish, through its natural biological cycle. The architectural proposal envisions clusters of neighborhoods interwoven with ample public space, design gestures that consider the juxtaposition between the topos and the community. The vision is for architecture to serve as a compass, a guiding principle to lead humanity to a better tomorrow.

Dimitris Zikos


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