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ReVive: Materiality of Our Future

Part 1 Project 2023
Thaslima Begum
Anglia Ruskin University | UK
ReVive School of Architecture, positioned at the vibrant centre of Chelmsford, embodies a visionary approach that revolves around revitalizing old materials through ingenious reuse. The school's philosophy centres on breathing new life into these materials, championing sustainability in architecture.

With an emphasis on eco-consciousness, material archives are thoughtfully scattered across the campus, inspiring students to explore the limitless possibilities of recycled materials in their designs. Within the site, existing viaducts await transformation, with half to be converted into lively food stalls and the other half becoming dynamic spaces for student projects.

The ever-changing facade symbolises the imperative of adaptive restoration in modern architectural practices. ReVive School of Architecture prides itself on constructing with reclaimed materials, strictly adhering to passivhaus guidelines, offering an environmentally-friendly learning environment.

Showcasing architectural brilliance, the facade features an alluring blend of 16 different brick and stone types, underscoring the diverse nature of the field. Architects and students at ReVive unite in their pursuit of a sustainable future, where innovation and environmental consciousness seamlessly coexist.

Thaslima Begum


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