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Seed Sentinel: Woodland Regenerator

Part 1 Project 2023
Alejandro Haidoulis Ocampos
University of Reading | UK
The land development of the UK has led to only 13% being covered by woodlands, with the majority being small pockets, unsuitable to host the required variety for a resilient ecosystem. As the temperatures increase and the weather more unpredictable due to our lack of action in reducing greenhouse gases, we need to consider the species we share the planet with that do not have a voice. To prevent the extinction of wildlife in the UK, we must increase, nurture, and protect our woodlands by reconnecting and regrowing them using one of mother nature’s most powerful tools: trees.

The name Seed Sentinel refers to the building’s role in the protection and nurturing of Britain’s future woodlands. Standing as a protector against deforestation and climate change, the building sustainable harbors the necessary equipment and spaces to process, test, store, and sow the future trees for woodlands across the UK. Weaving between each busy space are viewing spaces for visitors to experience each step in the fight for a greener future while learning about the importance of connected woodlands across the UK.

Alejandro Haidoulis Ocampos


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