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Rhacotis 31o : Alexandria’s Greeko-Roman Port Revival

Part 2 Project 2023
Lujaina Abdelmohsen
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport - Alexandria Campus | Egypt
As Alexandrian’s, keeping up with times and eras, our vision is thoroughly focused on infusing modernity while retaining its age-old charm and natural beauty, reviving our history of international trading. Named after old Alexandria “Rhacotis” and its average location point 31, the trade Exhibition Centre lies. Bringing back Alexandria’s origins, where at a time, Alexandria was a greeko Roman product of trade. In 1918, the port's Cargo warehouse was reused by " King Fouad I " as a car auction, attracting many foreigners and business developments. The warehouse remains, are a symbol of port significance, therefore the parallel loss of the warehouse and trade identity, follow the same fate. That’s why, Rhacotis 31 is a revivalry act of trade identity through the warehouse remains. The concept title is THRESHOLD, which is the fine-line between the past and present, the development addition and previous subtraction. A modern revivalry twist that will revive Alexandria’s origins and nature of its port, through economic revitalization and international trading. At its main city gate, where it all started, it will recall a high-tech experience that enhances our linear city’s history and fast-forward outlook into the future. Rhacotis 31, a catalyst for future developments.

Lujaina Abdelmohsen


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