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Variant 2.0: Emergence of the Urban Parasite on the Conventional

Part 1 Project 2023
Stuti Shetty
Heriot Watt University - Dubai Campus | UAE
The proposal is designed as an approach, representing a series of interventions in an urban and architectural scale. Mainly with the aim to challenge the existing typologies within the dense site: Al Karama. An Architectural approach in the reconfiguration of the urban fabric, by designing a disruptive experiential public realm parasiting the UN office representing the least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing states (UN-OHRLLS). Disposition of the concept of designing in conflict with the established fight for advocation between the three edges. Thus achieving the verb ‘to advocate’ by designing with disruption and encouraging the role of agitation. The proposal engulfs the conventional form (representing the existing) like a parasite. The proposal challenges the urban setting and tests the change in hierarchy from function to movement. It expresses advocation in materiality. The diagrid columns frame glazing on the parasitic side, while mesh steel creates a play in shadow filtering the light into the functional spaces of the UN. Finally using various movement triggering architectural elements with regenerative landscaping, encourages community life in the functional plaza.
Stuti Shetty


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