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Contrast and Connection, A New Museum for Dover

Part 1 Project 2023
Lilli Claire Kotte
Kingston University Kingston | UK
The design of a new Painted House Museum for Dover seeks to explore the question of what makes us human by using spatial ambiguity and contradiction in combination with the use of archaic, natural materials.

The new building will take the visitor on a journey of self-exploration, questioning their spatial perception through a sequence of routes, rooms and spaces of varying scales, the resulting building form contrasting with the established surroundings through its use of chalk filled rammed earth walling and paint as a reference to the site’s geology and the remains of the Roman frescos contained within.

In contrast to the spatially ambiguous interior, the building’s exterior connects to the centre of Dover by adding a new public space in which the ruins of a Roman Bath House are embedded to act as an accessible extension of Dover’s Market Square, strengthening the community and cultural centre of the town.

The relation of inside to outside through a focal café will connect the internal Roman Painted House remains with the external Bath House through framed views.

In contemplating the past, present, and future, the project raises the question of what will be asked of us to maintain a philanthropic, architecture.

Lilli Claire Kotte


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