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The Barnacles of Chorrillos

Part 1 Project 2023
Sebastian Sanchez
University of Lima | Peru
"The Water Museum" is one of the facilities that are part of a Master Plan titled "The Barnacles of Chorrillos," located on a section of the Costa Verde. The project concept originates from the "Barnacles," a marine crustacean with a cylindrical and elongated body that attaches itself as a parasite to the rocks of the Peruvian coastline on its beaches. The characteristic of these barnacles is that they grow discontinuously and are found at short distances from each other.

Therefore, the approach taken in the design aimed to "segregate" the subprograms that make up the museum, dispersing them to generate much more fluid and interesting spaces where the interactions between users occur within the voids of each volume. The location was carefully chosen to protect the users; hence, the barnacles turn their backs to the highway to create a safer public space and, additionally, provide a direct orientation and view towards the sea.

Likewise, accessibility was prioritized as proposed in the Masterplan, creating an intermodal connection that allows easy access to a tram from the upper part of the project or directly to the beach, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Sebastian Sanchez


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