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Hope Children's Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Part 1 Project 2023
Zamzam Ali Al-Yakhni
Beirut Arab University - Tripoli campus | Lebanon
The hope journey: Fighting cancer for children is a challenging journey shared by patients and their families, filled with strength, hope, and unwavering support. the project aims to target the lack of research and medical facilities regards to cancer in northern Lebanon region which intern increase the disability of cure with such a disease in local community.

The treatment journey begins from the moment that a child enters the center, tracks the child's condition from the past until the disease was diagnosed and moves to his current stage of treatment. In this context, the journey was incorporated through a corridor in center of the project where connects the timeline of the cancer treatment journey. Vertical gardens are placed in different positions on each floor to make the center more sustainable, letting the kids play and have a good vibe. In addition, new treatments and disease prevention are addressed throughout a research center.

Overall, the architecture of the Kids Cancer Center stands for the belief that the journey of cancer treatment is not only about medical procedures but also include emotional healing, hope for the future, and ongoing research to improve the lives of pediatric cancer patients.

Zamzam Ali Al-Yakhni


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