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Surviving Dystopia

Part 2 Project 2023
Kai Alexander
University of Portsmouth | UK
Project: In the dystopian year of 2300, consequences of ignoring global warming have left the world in despair. The Hilsea lines stand as a beacon of hope, a defensive structure in Edge City, a densely populated dystopian metropolis. These lines serve as a gateway to safety and security, offering a space to rebuild shattered lives in a world engulfed by darkness.

Brief: The operation is to construct a Social Condenser, a lifeline amidst this nightmarish world. This immense mixed-use vertical city, a sanctuary for those seeking solace and a fresh start after escaping trauma in their home nations. Inspired by science fiction medias, film, collage, and sculpture, the Social Condenser is meticulously designed not just to control the population, but to serve as a bastion of hope and renewal in the face of dystopia. We immediately delve into a captivating storyboard, showcasing a protagonist’s voyage through the social condenser in the year 2300. Each scene is carefully crafted to be cinematic, vividly portraying a dystopian setting that haunts the world. But caution is exercised, for it must not become a stifling place that sparks rebellion and unrest, but rather a haven where the protagonist can find solace without feeling controlled.

Kai Alexander


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