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How Can Architecture and Archaeology Be Deployed in Tandem to Reestablish a Human Presence on the Island of lnishmurray?

Part 2 Project 2023
Amar Chekchak
Ulster University | UK
My thesis is a project focused on the historic island of lnishmurray off the northwest coast of Ireland. The island's rich archaeologicaldepth and historical character have been vastly under appreciated, despite the presence of a 6th-century monastic settlement. My goal is to enhance the island's attraction as a destination for pilgrimage and nature enthusiasts while preserving its unique flora, fauna, and ancient structures. Recognising the need for conservation, I aimed to establish a balance between appreciation and preservation.

Conceptualising the island as a palimpsest of past states, my project connects past and future through depicting the island's evolution over the centuries. Moreover, it establishes thematic links between archaeology and architecture, both of which interact with existing and potential environments. The central objective is to reestablish a living human presence on the island through an architectural intervention that respects and enhances its natural environment. To achieve this, I propose an archaeological research centre where visitors actively contribute to the excavation and preservation of the island's heritage. Each structure in the design corresponds to an existing element of the island's environment, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that honours and enhances the island's significance for visitors and potential residents alike.

Finally, my project aims to honour the island's historical importance while fostering a sustainable human presence that coexists harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

Amar Chekchak


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