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“Behind The Rabbit Hole": Healing Center for Children with Congenital Autism

Part 1 Project 2023
Guanqian Zhang
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University | China
The design theme of the project is to build a care center for autistic children. The central theme of the project design is to help autistic children form multiple connections with society by exploring multiple modes of education and interaction from the perspective of caring for children with congenital autism. In order to help the autistic group to be accepted by society, I try to integrate the needs and perspectives of autistic children and ordinary people in the building.

While helping the autistic children to get a more suitable environment to grow up in, I also project the cognitive dissonance of the society towards the autistic community into the corners of this building, so that they can get the experience of participating in the activities in the building, and the non-autistic people can get a fuller knowledge and understanding of the autistic people and their behaviours.

I visualize the building as a "rabbit hole" that connects "Wonderland" and "Earth", and we travel through the hole to protect the "Wonderland" of the autistic children and at the same time teach them how to recognize the "Earth".

Guanqian Zhang


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