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The Object Cemetery

Part 1 Project 2023
Harvey Farren
Birmingham City University | UK
The premise of my project “The Object Cemetery” is an elaborative design response aimed to investigate the ritualistic events within one of Birmingham’s most deprived areas, ‘New-Town’, Aston.

My findings led me to document the most intriguing ritual. This being feeling the need to take extra precautionary measures to protect objects and one’s personal belongings. My main observation being a resident locking their car to their house using a chain and padlock.

The narrative manifests our attachment to personal objects has propelled onto an uncontrollable trajectory. Resulting in increases in mental health issues as a by-product of this time.

Based within the derelict former pen factory the ‘Brandauer Works’. The original New Town resident transitions from being an obsessive object hoarder to curator.

He is now ‘The Archiver’ of the ‘The Object Cemetery’.

The scheme has prioritized the user's journey, allowing carefully reflected architecture to provide new dimensions of thought and escape from wider world contexts. Delighting in spaces to archive and process life without these objects. The act of depositing an object embodies a decision by an individual to turn their back on the materialism that pervades society and return to investment in human relationships.

Harvey Farren


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