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The Pottery Cycle: Revitalising Chatham with Ceramics

Part 1 Project 2023
Jasmine Fu
University of Kent | UK
Chatham Intra’s historic waterfront, despite its historical influence as a major dockyard, has decayed. Once a bustling community for commerce, Intra’s High Street, particularly in the loss of its urban block form, is now in need of careful repair. Collaborating with Medway Council and Historic England, this project responds to the brief by placing great emphasis in restoring the community value of Chatham’s waterfront. Public consultation with local community representatives confirmed that creative industries are being affected by the closure of the local art school, and that public waterfront usage will be critical to future local community benefit.

The Pottery Cycle encourages creation and restoration within its two studios. The facility employs local artisans, who teach residents to create new, or repair broken pottery through the Japanese “Kintsugi” method; whilst also providing Level 1/2 qualifications to students. Local clays from the Medway River are collected for use in the Pottery, whilst the building uses local materials to better fit in its neighbouring context. The industrial studios are divided by the sensory and herb gardens, acting as a natural break between these. The studios flank the central refectory, encouraging creativity, and the celebration of revivalism.

Jasmine Fu


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