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Sussex Mega-Anthropocene Research Park

Part 1 Project 2023
Luke Psaros
Norwich University of the Arts Norwich | UK
The project critically explores the notion of Anthropocene, the condition of earth's geography in which ‘nature’ is no longer ‘natural’ but has been drastically managed, controlled and curated by human action.

Taking a critical stance on the matter, the project explores the various degrees of intensity at which we condition the earth, on both micro and macro scales. It merges coastal, urban and hinterland territories as part of its stand toward the issue of mass global urbanisation and society’s segregation from the natural world.

The design proposal – which includes an archive of geological artefacts, research and education facilities, a museum, and a natural materials workshop – becomes something between a landscape and a series of buildings, that intends to be perceived as a ‘fake’ or ‘simulated’ natural environment.

The integration of ‘third landscapes’ and the use of different materials for each ‘building’ reinforce the narrative that anthropogenic spaces promote livelihoods for humans, wildlife and ecology, whilst acknowledging that the urban realm must continue to expand in order to accommodate the growing population. Future scenarios of the project show how it will allow for anthropogenic conditions to intensify, enabling different territories and occupants to coexist more closely than they currently do.

Luke Psaros


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