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Row Rejuvenation: Brewhaus and Caretivityhaus

Part 1 Project 2023
Andrew Hunter Pizzey
University of Portsmouth | UK
Focuses on the understanding of row housings Longevity and the importance of which it has served in the past and can serve in the future. The scheme aims to protect the dwelling typology which has supported Britain through its greatest population growth. We intend to retain, protect and enrich the living qualities of what currently makes up 42% of Portsmouth’s and nearly a quarter of Britain’s dwelling typologies. A hybrid functional perimeter can not only support population growth but also lower carbon emissions.

The urban strategy focuses on bringing the needed public facilities which the identified site is lacking as well as encouraging and developing a local economy to tackle outsourcing and globalization. We now see terraced/row housings street identity diminishing. What used to be a space for gathering and community activities such as street parties is now a monotonous view of repeated inefficiently parked cars and bins. The urban perimeter provides parking to free the space of the streets to develop into green corridors thriving once again with community activities. The perimeter buildings' materiality is carefully chosen to reflect the identity of the past and now future of the row housing typology. Containing hybrid functions of residential, communal & commercial spaces.

Andrew Hunter Pizzey


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