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Water Productive Center

Part 2 Project 2023
María Belén Santolalla Ruzo
Adriana Basto Valenzuela
University of Lima | Peru
The water production center is an intervention project that bridges the natural and urban area, aiming to promote preservation and integration of our production activities within the natural environment of the Lomas. The proposal involves consolidating the current boundary of the Regional Conservation Area (RCA) established by the authorities.

The project is situated in the current gathering space that serves as the starting point for the Loma's tourist route, built upon the concept of a ""mist guide."" This concept represents an essential and defining element of the Lomas' delicate and temporal ecosystem.

The user witnesses the process of fog transformation through fog harvesting structures that function as pathways between the mist, serving the purpose of water collection. These structures rest upon architectural solids resembling natural environment rocks and house the touristic, educational, and productive aspects of the project.

The proposal goes beyond its primary function to rebuild a connection between nature and the community. Consequently, fog becomes the transformed and transformative element to engage the community in caring for ecosystem resources and preserving the Lomas.

María Belén Santolalla Ruzo
Adriana Basto Valenzuela


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