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Generational Metropolis

Part 1 Project 2023
Aun Naeem
Birmingham City University | UK
What happens when a neighbourhood control its networks and authority to build"? In 'Freetown Ladywood', we imagine a self-governed speculative reality, where community and architecture reference the principles of the D.I.Y. movement of the Berlin Squat. Here A metropolis is envisioned as a place for making and dreaming up new worlds, free from the limitations of ‘studentification’ in Ladywood. A hearty cheer is for Generational Homes instead of Second Homes. Here We celebrate what exists for thy rejection of thy "Slum" for All existing or new dwellings shall be for the Neighbourhood and the Neighbourhood only. By repair and rehabilitation, re-sharing of materials and removing housing insecurities are actively encouraged where It is a space lived by the neighbourhood rather than just conceived. It becomes more than a place confined by strangers, but instead an extension of relationships, communities, social cultures and identities through high-tech methods; where the dwelling is not just a place to live but also serves as the foundation for the celebration of culture and identity. A project that forms the relics of production and celebration – The D.I.Y. H.U.B. and the worker towers, tools that construct thy speculative realities and continuously grow with metropolises across generations.
Aun Naeem


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