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Transys: From Dormant to Dynamic Built Environments

Part 2 Project 2023
Pubudu Wickramasuriya
University of Moratuwa | Sri Lanka
The traditional approach to building design has been to create permanent structures capable for lasting decades and centuries. The built environment is an ever-evolving entity that is shaped by a variety of social and economic factors which makes permanent structures obsolete. Therefore, building service life is believed to be far less than the potential capacity of construction material integrity. This rapid building construction and removal has led to a number of serious environmental issues. In the context of evolving built environment, building transition from one building to one or several other buildings at the end of its service life by reusing some or all original building components is convenient.

A prototype wave energy power plant is selected to explore the proposition, as a building program that may have several possible future alterations and would be considerably difficult to converted in to another function after its service life. Building systems are designed for the utilitarian purpose of the building, to be efficient, economical and durable. A secondary building is proposed as a regional knowledge center for oceanography will demonstrate how the same utilitarian building components can be reused and re-arranged in a way to construct a more sophisticated and Elegant structure.

Pubudu Wickramasuriya


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