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Part 1 Project 2023
Niamh Ashley
Leeds Beckett University | UK
The aim of the project is to regenerate and celebrate the potential uses of mushrooms within Paris. Historically, mushroom farms were once prevalent within the underground quarries, of Paris but was ceased due to the introduction of the underground metro station. This project aims to reintegrate the growing of mushrooms within Paris and to celebrate their multitude of uses through creating a series of MYCO-ECONOMIES.

Creating a public space for a range of Myco- Economies for the community of Paris to learn, craft, grow and treat mental health conditions through the use of mushrooms. Additionally through this intervention, the production of mushrooms in Paris can once again be re-established and provide the population of Paris with a new food source of plant protein.

The masterplan for the projects scheme aims to reconnect the entirety of Paris using the abandoned rail tracks in order to provide social, medicinal, nutritional and ecological benefits to the local communities to regenerate and educate the areas of Paris of the potential of mushrooms.

Niamh Ashley


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