School Project Entries 2023

University of Bath

The Udaipur Plastic School
Due to decades of mismanagement, waste is part of every landscape in Udaipur. Yet, consumption of virgin plastic and its callous disposal are still in... read on
Chew Shan Wei
E-Waste Regenerator
E-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet and the most valuable. Old tech still contains precious metals such as gold, which can be ex... read on
Sophia McGowan
Interpreting the Edge
In a time where crises of people and environment are one and the same, this project explores Susannah Hagan’s suggestion that the ‘despised periphery’... read on
Bethany Kippin
Threads of Time
The culture of the cloth has long been threaded through India’s history, with it being central to all aspects of society. However, the growing industr... read on
Warren D’Souza