School Project Entries 2022

Newcastle University

The Ark of Eternal Food
This project seeks to synthesize the vision established by Titus Salt in the development of the model mill-town, Saltaire, addressing concepts of utop... read on
Bethany Sprigg
Ways of Constructing Intimacy: Experimental Urban Regeneration
The project explores a method of folding (similar to the surrealist game ‘exquisite corpse’ through its unexpected connections) as an example of exper... read on
Isabel Lois Fox
The Food Collective
Our objective is to re-invest in Sunderland’s local economy by boosting locally sourced produce and give the community a place to positively engage wi... read on
Isabel Maria Mora Rodrigo Rafael Riofrio
Geological Ghosts and Industrial Monsters
All it takes is one look at the magnesian limestone fossils at the core of Sunderland’s geological fingerprint to imagine a time before humans, a time... read on
Jay Antony Hallsworth