School Project Entries 2023

Newcastle University

Symbiotic Agencies: Attuning Architecture to Nature
Our project studies how psychological and ontological issues of the climate crisis are reflected in the way our physical worlds are created. Seeking t... read on
Oliver Spurr Roxana Caplan
Growth Starts Here: Sunniside Up
Growth Starts Here: Sunniside Up emerges as an urban common. Invested in uplifting the local community, the proposal is carefully orientated around fo... read on
Campbell Campbell Carmichael
Earth’s Breath: Wind and Wild
Narrative and humans share a unique connection: a form of symbiosis where narratives form our life experiences whilst simultaneously creating a new na... read on
Chloe Dalby
Serjeant Award
Tracking Sound
Within the realm of architectural design, the interplay between sound and light emerged as the pilot force for this portfolio. The scheme of a music c... read on
Zaki Edwardovich McGarragle