School Project Entries 2022

Manchester School of Architecture

The Hijras of India are defined as an alternative gender role, neither man nor woman. Pre-colonial India saw religious reverence for the Hijras, where... read on
Nadir Qazim Mahmood
Commendation Serjeant Award
Nexus forms a link between Manchester's scattered university campus, branching out to incorporate the areas which are furthest away for people to get ... read on
Anita Luburic
A Sonnet for The Pennines
The craft of writing a sonnet distils the expression of awe for something/someone, transcending the imagery of nature to capture emotions. Inspired... read on
Thomas Paul Massey
The Nomadland
The Nomadland is an imaginary and ephemeral installation aimed at reflecting the desire to escape from, and assimilated to, the city. As a speculative... read on
Lingxi Tao Qirui Wang Luo Zhang Siqi Guo