School Project Entries 2022

University of Liverpool

Don’t Panic!
Gifted a spotlight by sudden global challenges (such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic), panic buying is a topical phenomenon that is deceptive in its a... read on
Ashni Patel Brion Allen O'Reilly Sian Louise Opie Rachel Marie Cummings
The Co-operative Design Manual
The aim of the project is to explore how the adaptable framework of community led housing and its ownership, development and participation models can ... read on
Jason Norris Callum Skinner William Millward Scott James Tonkinson
Centre for Building Skills
The Anglesey barracks are part of the national slate museum in Wales; located near Llan- beris town they are situated on the side of electric mountain... read on
Daisy Charlotte Janet Foster
As we continue to see the rapid decline of Highstreets in the UK, with the degradation exacerbated by the exponential growth of online retail and the ... read on
Emma Elizabeth Loughnane