School Project Entries 2022

University of Hong Kong

Urban decay and housing scarcity are always the major social issue in Hong Kong, yet, the existing model is far from efficient and unconnected. With l... read on
Wai Lok Wan
Resonate Structure
Resonate Structure (n.) – A structure that responds to the corresponding natural environment and reshapes a distinct regional geology. The thesis s... read on
Shu Man Chan
Symbiotic Interaction in Architecture
This thesis project re-thinks the existing mitigation measures (shaft spillway) for natural terrain landslides in Hong Kong and redesign such infrastr... read on
Yuk Sing Alex Cheng
Housing in Aerial Negotiation
‘Housing in Aerial Negotiation’ questions the practice of air rights in Hong Kong, whereby the airspace of adjacent plots are rented or acquired, lead... read on
Jason Setiawan