School Project Entries 2022

University of Greenwich

The Goodship Ambrosia: A Celebration of Old English Rural Culture
The Goodship Ambrosia celebrates old English rural culture and traditions in relation to the idiosyncratic area of Devon. The project investigates the... read on
Evie Amelia Summerhayes
A General Theory of Architecture: Extreme Margins of an Alternate Standard Model
“We must first blow, in fancy, a soap bubble around each creature representing its own-world, filled with perceptions that it alone knows. When we ste... read on
Paul Tatsumi Walker
Flat Iron Theatre
Flat Iron Theatre is a response to the post pandemic working landscape. The project seeks to provide a new theatre complex that will harbour human eng... read on
Devis Tako
The Metatronic Garden - An Architecture of Mathematical Light and Shadow
The Metatronic Garden houses a guild of mathematicians whose goal is to explore and solve the unsolvable, the Millennium Prize Problems, a set of comp... read on
Ana-Maria Cirlan