School Project Entries 2022

University of Plymouth

The Energy Exchange
Micro generation once was at the heart of Keyham, Plymouth, but the withdrawal of industry, centralisation of power, and a global pandemic are headlin... read on
Dafyn Richards
The Urban Foundation
The programme situates itself within the pre-existing frame of the Job Centre in St Levan (Queens House) Plymouth. Acclimatising to current issues wit... read on
Samuel Luke Yeowell
Nile Delta Bio-Campus
The Nile Delta Bio-Campus is designed to support and reinforce the adaptability of low-lying coastal cities to sea level rise and its effect on the lo... read on
Sarah Paxton Roberta Vasnic
Choreographing a Landscape Performance
The Damietta that we once knew could no longer sustain an environment where we could grow crops, and drink fresh water. Some called it a rise in the t... read on
Aaron Walkley Christopher Trigg Joshua Earl