School Project Entries 2022

Queen's University Belfast

Sandy Grow
Sandy Grow explores the use of temporary greenhouses as a ‘taster’ introduction to self- sustainable neighbourhoods in Belfast. The vacant site curren... read on
Malgorzata Weronika Migut
A Treatise on Palimpsest
The awkward beauty of old buildings has always intrigued me. I believe there is always something more to be made from their condition. Whether it be a... read on
Alexander Knowles
The Sandbank Refractory
The Sandbank Refractory is a composition of different conditions of flexible social and learning settings. The building initially functions as a recyc... read on
Sara Wiktoria Sokolowska-Katzer
Closing the Global Heritage Deficit
Closing the Global Heritage Deficit, we are preserving less today than ever before, is a critique of our inability to take full advantage of the exist... read on
Matthew Graham