School Project Entries 2023

University of Strathclyde

Capital for the Collective: Remnants from the Ashes
What if climate change is inevitable? Fast forward to the year 2100, the most populated cities, including New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and many ... read on
Victor Lim
Geo-Escharotomy: The Catalytic Healing Process for Post-Industrial Landscapes
Deindustrialisation in Scotland’s Central Belt saw major resource-consuming industries decline, leaving behind anthropogenic ‘eschar’ - dead tissue of... read on
Catherine Campbell
The Metaground
In the time of tectonic environmental, cultural, social, and technological changes, exists a real threat to our society. As a response to these fears,... read on
Ilja Anosovs
People have always moved. Down the road. To the next town. And yes, sometimes people move to another country. Sometimes we move because we choose to, ... read on
Theodora Sideri