School Project Entries 2022

University of Brighton

A Carbon Market Research Center
What might be possible if we push at the boundaries of architecture and take a look at the larger systems it operates within? Can we then ask how migh... read on
Joe de Kadt
Gathering: Circular Constructs: Revolutionary Rooms
A gathering of cylindrical forms became the generative idea for a project that has evolved through many stages. In search of ways that people might be... read on
Mats Borgen
Re-Collaging Dover
This project is an exploration of contemporary collage urbanism, situated in Dover, South East UK. Fragments of history are here used to repair mis... read on
Alice Hannah Richardson
Community 'Building'
Community ‘Building’ explores the development of public spaces by designing ‘with’, instead of ‘for’, the community, for the long-term. The proposal i... read on
Bruna Borges Joaquim