School Project Entries 2022

University of Melbourne

(Re)Collecting Rural
In a climate of expansion and homogenisation of culture and the built environment, the continuing urban bleed of Melbourne into its surrounding rural ... read on
Jeremy Bonwick
Junk Tectonics, Feral Communities: The Metamorphosis of the Mildura Golf Club
Large-scale networks of capital have driven a global anthropogenic transformation, where extractive values govern regional landscapes.1 This thesis pr... read on
Amelia Audrey Griffin-Toovey
Since the arrival of European Settlement, the western mode of habitation has been imposed on Aboriginal lands without concern for caring for country. ... read on
Chon Kei Lam
The Suburban Farm
Conventional development strategies in Australia fail to recognise the needs of the people who live in the buildings and instead are designed to appea... read on
Stephanie Skye Wills