School Project Entries 2022

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Neighbourhood Incubator
This project challenges the relationship between private and collective ownership by designing a living environment base on micro-communities. Rigi... read on
Che Ting Chan
Our Cooperative Freedom: Self-built Community Expansion in Kowloon City
Commenced with ethnographic research related to the behavior of human’s daily making, the thesis is interested in dissecting the nature and the form o... read on
Hoi Ching Cheung
Surfaces of Erosion
Located in an infilled, mountainous oasis at the foot of Mid-levels, the dynamic landscape sets ground for a tower that encapsulates interwoven nature... read on
Ying Tung Ng
The Cavort Conciliator
The project aims to define a working place in the context of northern line of Hong Kong Island, where activities happened by people of occupations, ra... read on
Jonathan N/A