School Project Entries 2022

Northumbria University

The Lookout Line
The Lookout Line is an adaptive reuse project of the Fisherman’s Lodge located in Jesmond Dene Park. Influenced by the relationship between natural an... read on
Oscar Maximilian Riviére Goeger
Pilgrimage - Cremation within the Dene
Jesmond Dene has been a key location for historic pilgrimage in Europe. The Pilgrimage crematorium is embedded in the religious, industrial and public... read on
Tom Kenneth William Durham
Belfast Stories
“Belfast Stories” is a celebration of the city and its people. The scheme challenges a recently published government brief for a new city centre touri... read on
Laura Elizabeth McClorey
A Capsule of Deep Time: Something Strange is Happening
‘A Capsule of Deep Time: Something Strange is Happening', developed from a deep and meaningful survey of landscape. Set within the Derwent Valley, th... read on
Miranda Hornsby