School Project Entries 2022

Kingston University

Woven Ground
Before Nigerian Independence in 1960, British architects Janes Drew and Edwin Maxwell Fry constructed the first Nigerian university, the University of... read on
Chelsea Richards
Weaving Peckham
‘Weaving Peckham’ developed from the repair of a dilapidated bamboo rattan chair. Diverse weaving techniques were explored, leading to the use of wove... read on
Elena Gauci
Theatre of the Everyday
‘Theatre of the Everyday’ opens the stage curtain onto Rye Lane, revealing a scene full of colour, flavour, and smell, intertwined in the performance ... read on
Maxwell Benjamin Greenhalgh
High Rise: Reworked
This scheme aims to rework the typology of the high rise tower to be generous and open, whilst freeing the ground from weight and allowing biodiversit... read on
Lydia Elizabeth Bagley