School Project Entries 2023

University of Malaya

Inspiriting Place: Revitalization of Historical Riverine Settlement at Sungai Petani Old Town
This project endeavors to holistically address the complex issues faced by Sungai Petani, where rapid urbanization and industrialization have disrupte... read on
Jeng Ying Lim
Spark From Within
'Spark From Within' is a cultural incubator hub located in Teluk Intan Town, inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of bioluminescence seen in fireflies a... read on
John Jing Rong Tee
Reclaiming Brownfield: Vertical Urban Factory
In response to the primary challenge of waste management in Malaysia's rapid urban agglomerations, particularly as a developing nation, this project p... read on
Ko Wei Yi
Srentak Hub
Srentak Hub, which sits in the heart of Teluk Intan, a charming town in Perak, Malaysia, is derived from the word rentak; to undulate and serentak; to... read on
Ayesha Kamila Rafifah