School Project Entries 2022

University of Sheffield

The Renaissance Institute
A new branch of the Craft’s Council designed to increase the popularity of craft by highlighting its importance to other fields such as scientific inn... read on
Samuel Henry Jarman
The World Waste Exchange 2025-2040
In the context of the climate crisis, global corruption and resource scarcity, The World Waste Exchange foregrounds and materialises the geopolitics o... read on
Jamil Navaz Badrudin Dossa Lucy Rebecca Stittle
Callach on the Cromarty Firth
The transition is evident on the edges of the water. We are moving from extractive industries to more generative ones. Yards that once built oil platf... read on
Harry Henderson
The Play Mill
"Intergenerational crafts enable cultural traditions and values to be shared between generations, which helps build a sense of personal and community ... read on
Ellie Ruth Hardie