School Project Entries 2022

City School of Architecture

Social Empowerment Center for Aquaponics
360º ’, Social empowerment centre for Aquaponics stands to provide education and awareness to the community, through the process of transitioning from... read on
Tharindi Amalka Chandrakirthi
The Fish Lab, Reimagining the Built Form of an Industry
The increasingly complex urbanity, post pandemic shifts in everyday life while living the era of data reframing the mechanism of life in economic, soc... read on
Sarala Hapuarachchi
Aquaponic Center Dambulla
The project is a rural Sri Lankan aquaponic facility constructed to spread this brand-new, cutting-edge technology through agriculture. By providin... read on
Mahisha Dulangi Gunawardena
Waste Upcycling Park and Wetland Awareness Centre
The present management of municipal solid waste is temporary, turning a blind eye to the cause and effect of many other overarching issues emerging in... read on
Dihan Dhamika Angappulige