School Project Entries 2023

University College Cork

Rescripted Neapolitan Realities: A New Filmic Landscape
Consisting of a new participatory Film Festival and Film/Craft School set within the Vele Di Scampia - a set of apartment blocks situated 6km north of... read on
Kieran Maye James Pearce
Deconstructing Pedigreed Architecture
This thesis for a new School of Engineering established itself as an understanding that the predefined spaces of our built environment can be adapted ... read on
Conor Matthew Ryan
Prophetic Diffractions: A Psycho-Fable around Mary Shelley’s Neapolitan Landscape
Constituted as a “psicofavola” or ‘psycho-fable’ and based on Mary Shelley’s apocalyptic tale “The Last Man,” the project involves the re-inscription ... read on
Ailbhe Boland Emma Walsh