School Project Entries 2022

University of Huddersfield

NS Savannah 2030
In the year 2030 the UN has been adaptively reusing naval ships for a range of environmental purposes for several years. Recently the crew aboard the ... read on
Fionn Maxwell David Harding
Colonizing Luna_[2171]
Ever since humans set foot on the Moon for the first time, pioneers of the Industry have been aspiring to bring the experience even further. From buil... read on
Vlad-Aurelian Cazacu
The Expedition
The Expedition is a direct reflection of the journey experienced by the Windrush Generation. The Windrush generation are the people that came to Engla... read on
Sarah Elizabeth Bradshaw
With Camden Town’s markets becoming a ‘grim parody of their own selves’ and becoming a ‘museum’, the arts culture scene of Camden is still holding ont... read on
Ethan John Barrett